The Importance Of Athletes In Sports

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When it comes to the genetic makeup of a top athlete, science shows that relating one 's genes to a sport that best accommodate it can play a significant role in separating an Olympic-level athlete from the amateur. Tom Farrey argues that for him to succeed in swimming it was all because of his genes. He argues that he did not start swimming until he was above ten years old, and during that time swimming was quite natural to him. Farrey 's argument, therefore, show that genes play an important role in our sports abilities. Our natural ability, therefore, beats our hard work and persistence when it comes to sports.

Sports create a better life for children. The current society greatly values athletic achievement. Athletes are greatly adored; they have better grades in high school as compared to non-athletes. They 're more inclined to go to college. Sports help prevent and reduce drug abuse as most athletes have low drug use rates. In this way, being an athlete into adulthood that is extremely appealing to numerous.

Michael Sagas, head of the sports management in the University of Florida, related results from a research that the Sport Policy and Research Collaborative, researched on athletic advancement and children. He referred to a study published in early 2013; that analyzed participation in sports throughout a lifespan. The children who specialised early in a particular sport, who are now as grown-ups, (frequently) don 't play sports any longer, Sagas argues. He
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