The Importance Of Athletic Training

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Athletic Training is practiced by athletic trainers. Athletic trainers treat and prevent injuries that are most of the time caused by athletic involvement. In the future Marsha would like to be an Athletic Trainer for The University of Wilmington. She wants to help athletes play to their best ability by ensuring the prevention to injuries and giving them immediate care. Marsha was encouraged to be an Athletic Trainer by playing so many sports in high school and seeing the Athletic Trainer do such a great job. She realized how important an Athletic Trainer was and how much of a difference they made. The Athletic Trainers are at every game and aside from being prepared for a player to get hurt, they are also there cheering for your victory. The Athletic Trainer at the…show more content…
As soon as an athlete is injured the Athletic trainer, is there checking on the player, making sure everything is alright. Aside from just being there for preventing injuries the Athletic Trainer is always there for you to talk to. If you aren't feeling too well the Athletic Trainer is there to direct you to health. What are the personality traits of an Athletic Trainer? The most important personality trait is decisiveness. With being an Athletic Trainer you are most of the time the first person on the scene of an injury so you must be decisive. Decisive means to settle an issue/ producing a definite result. Also, you would have to be confident and that kind of goes hand and hand with decisiveness because you have to be confident that you are correct about the injury and are performing the right stuff to help the athlete. Next is listening and lead. You must be skillful in verbal and nonverbal
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