The Importance Of Atomic Bombing In Hiroshima

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The atomic bombing in Hiroshima is a historical, forever-reigning mystery to the Japanese. We can learn from our past by thinking before we make a decision that could impact the life of others and by helping each other in a time of need to come together. By thinking before we make a life-changing decision, we could save many future lives. For example, when America made the decision to drop a nuclear bomb on Japan, they had put no thought into how the power and devastation of the nuclear destruction would impact so many innocent lives, young and old. They had got so far ahead of themselves trying to protect innocent american citizens and their military that they didn't put time into thinking about japan. If they would have thought more about the impact the bomb would have had, maybe so many people wouldn't have died.…show more content…
For example, when the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Mr. Tanimoto knew the people of Japan were human beings and needed his help, therefore he had to come together with the people to save them. Also, they had survivors all meet up in a spot so they could group up and assign people to go and help the injured survivors. This is important because if people didn't have the helping kind of mindset and knew that people needed them, many more potential survivors could have lost their

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