The Importance Of Attachment Styles In Psychology

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Slide 1 Slide 2 Early interactions between child and caregiver are the direct core of the attachment theory. The bond that develops between them is the nucleus of the identity formation as well as interpersonal attitudes. According to John Bowlby, the attachment bond is a complex behavioral system that functions throughout human evolution. It protects the infant from danger by seeking security from a guardian. With security from the guardian the likelihood of survival are enhanced as well as possible reproduction. Infants with a caregiver that meets all their needs have a secure safe- haven. When the infants needs are not met, they begin to explore the surroundings for a safe haven. These infants are unable to gather support from their caregiver when distressed. Disrupted attachment to guardians leave little room for stress-free times . Slide 3 Clearly without a solid foundation you could lack certain developmental factors within your identity. Overtime, as a caregiver your role increases with the child’s need for your availability, dealing with the outside world in this decade can take a toll on your child. Mary Ainsworth, used her own ideas when developing an assessment for attachment. She was the first to identify the term attachment behavior and further discovered the four attachment styles. Slide 4 This is just one of the many assessments to study attachment styles, this one is famous for discovering the four attachment styles we use in psychology today. In this

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