The Importance Of Attending Classes

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I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Getter Can you imagine a boss saying, “I am so delighted to have employees who do not come to work”? Little do we really realise that our university life is a preparation for the real world. Attending classes is actually a way of preparing and disciplining students for this. B. Reason to Listen While students nowadays have a lot of ways to attain knowledge, for example, through authorised educational websites, they still need to realise the importance of coming to class itself. C. Thesis Statement Absenteeism is a serious problem nowadays as students tend to take their classes for granted, not knowing when they attend classes, they will perform better in their course, make full use of the tuition fee and connect with their friends for self-development. D. Credibility Statement I am a student myself. I know all very well how a student feels about coming to class I used to skip classes a lot in my school years and that action had a negative impact on my overall performance. E. Preview of Main Points : On this very day, I am going to reason why students have to attend classes: a) First, students will indirectly be able to perform better when they attend classes. b) Second, attending classes ensures students make full use of their tuition fee c) Thirdly, students may connect with their fellow classmates during classes for self-development. II. BODY Varieties of ways to spend time in this modern era have highly influenced students to

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