The Importance Of Atticus In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Atticus believes Maycomb is unjust because the town is inconsiderate of other people’s view, which is shown when Atticus gets targeted for defending a black man, worries that his kids will become bitter and catch Maycomb’s disease, and Aunt Alexandra advising Atticus that he is raising his kids wrong. To begin with, Mrs Dubose addresses to Scout and her family about how Atticus is disgracing his race and his color by defending Tom Robinson on the alleged rape case. Mrs Dubose says, “Your father’s no better than the ni**ers and trash he works for” (135). Atticus views Maycomb as an injustice town because during this time period black people were seen as a lower class. Atticus is mark as an overall victim because in the trial the county is shocked that Atticus is…show more content…
Aunt Alexandra is a conservative woman who is conscious of propriety and class. So she wanted Jem and Scout to live in a certain way especially Scout, She was worried Scout was too much of a tomboy. Aunt Alexandra was also concerned that Atticus was too careless in his parenting. He allowed his kids to do whatever they wanted. She was also concerned that Calpurnia had too much say and authority over the lives of the children with the absence of their mother. So, when the kids went to Calpurnia’s church, Alexandra didn’t care for it too much, And when the children wanted to go to Calpurnia’s house, She forbid it. It shows Alexandra is inconsiderate of Atticus’ way of raising his kids she criticized him for letting Scout to dress and behave like a tomboy. She also disapproves Atticus on having Calpurnia be the kids motherly figure having the say and authority on Jem & Scout. Throughout the lives of Jem & Scout, Calpurnia is a big part of their family after the loss of Jem and Scout’s mom they see Calpurnia as a motherly figure who cares and looks after them and has lessons of politeness and
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