The Importance Of Attitude In The Workplace

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What should you have in your workplace? It is widely to believe that skills and good attitude are both indispensable in the workplace. Workplace basic skills but not technical skill, they are core knowledge and ways to allow the worker to do things well. They are needed to fulfill the instructions in order to have more efficient product. While good attitudes is assignable in workplace too. Attitudes, which act as an important variable to indicate success in workplace. They are not about “good” or “bad”, but they are simply the ways of thinking. Most of the hires fail because they have neither or lack of one. Yet they still keep spending their time and resource to develop their technical skill but not on the workplace skill and their attitudes. In my opinion, I believe that men should learn and redevelop their true obstacles in order to success. So, what are these skills and attitudes? 21st century often known as the knowledge age, it is new so we will need to have different skill to survive well in the workplace. First, they required basic academic or knowledge skill in 21st century workplace. He or she should learn the use of technology and should at least know how to read and write. In the early stage of their life, they should obtain the skill of reading, so they can understand well the important documents or records. Writing skill is very important too for them to convey their idea and message. They also need to have the ability to identify and using appropriate
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