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We did a research about attitudes towards fashion to know how and why people use time and money in a particular act, which are two major concerns related to daily life. The reason why we chose fashion and not other things that could be brought into thought is because fashion is an eternal problem which mankind has faced since our ancesters first started to wear clothing. Since it has been a long time discussion brought up so many times, we thought that we might be able to find a hint in finding out these two ideas. First, this research about fashion can be used to seek problems in people’s daily lives and to think about solutions since fashion has been very close to our daily lives, so finding problems about fashion and solving
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This tells us that young people believe that time is not important when choosing what to wear. The main reason why you take time was to look neat followed by avoid being naked and to look attractive which all lead to giving a good impression to others. The results also points out that when it comes to buying clothes, most people do not buy clothes that frequently and only 25% of the respondents spend more than 10,000yen. This is interesting because many clothes showed in magazines or worn by celebrities, which most people refer to, costs more than 10,000yen. People decide what to wear and what to buy by cost performance by choosing clothes which looks like or works out like high priced brand names. It can also be seen that if it is able to control what people see in media, it would be quite easy to manipulate which fashion is on a trend and make people buy and wear a certain kind of fashion. Although many people said they spend money on clothes to wear good clothes a fair number of people answered that they don’t spend that much on clothes so almost the same result has been showed from the answer above. The most popular accessory was necklace and maybe this is because the necklace is well said to make people look at their clothing more. Lastly, we found out that people wear clothes to express yourself better and make you feel better, so it can be said that clothes are one big way to make people

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