The Importance Of Australia's Multicultural Society In The World

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Australia lies in the southern Hemisphere between Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is spread over eight million square kilometers. Most of its people, around 18 million, live in coastal cities and regional centers. 25 percent of its population is born overseas. Australia is an English speaking country.

Australia is best known for its harmonious multicultural societies in the world. It has people from various nations and ethnic groups of various sizes. Australia offers a dynamic, multicultural and supportive environment for international students. People over here are quite open and friendly .The healthy, safe and unspoiled environment clubbed with the excitement of cosmopolitan cities make Australia a happening place for students, youth and many tourists.

As compared to the Northern Hemisphere climate in Australia is exactly opposite; Summer is December to February, Autumn is March to May, Winter is June to August and Spring is September to November. In the mainland the temperature rarely drops below zero and seasonal variations are not extreme. Climate is very tropical with heavy rain falls in the northern regions. In summers, light clothing is usually sufficient though a
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India ranks among the top ten major source countries along with Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA in terms of number of international students in Australia for higher studies in recent years. The figure of 1100 students in 1994 has risen to 10,000 as on July 2004. According to available trends this number is likely to cross the 40,000 mark by the end of 2007. Business studies are the most sought after courses followed by Science subject among Indian students. Australia is becoming a major destination for Indian Students as compared to other countries in the recent years. Higher education (47%) and Vocational education (51%) are more popular with Indian

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