The Importance Of Authentic Assessment

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Introduction Traditionally, assessment is used to evaluate student’s progress and used to find out the students educational ability. In the past teachers used traditional assessment like: multiple choice, matching and true –false for testing their students, but as it is said that is not adequate for testing student’s performance because the main goal of traditional assessment is just to recall or recommend the information not to apply, in this case the process is just the transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the student and the teacher controls the class. It means there are a few opportunities for indicating student’s knowledge. It means that students cannot think creatively, and show their knowledge in the way they want regarding the contrast authentic assessment focus performance, there is a lot opportunity for students to perform what they know authentic assessments require learners to demonstrate understanding through performing a complicating task most of time employ more meaningful application.
Authentic assessments usually ask the learners to do, apply, analyze and synthesize what they know in a concrete act, and students invent new meaning .students are asked to show proficiency by carry out something . This study aims at exploring Kurdish EFL learners ' perceptions of authentic assessment and impact on learning.(traditional vs authentic)
The main goal of teaching EFL is enabling students to communicate with English speakers and
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