The Importance Of Authority

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Authority is the power to influence or to command thought, behaviour or opinion. This is very powerful stuff and it can be used to build trust, respect and admiration when it comes to online marketing. You may have heard this phrase a lot of times before, but you have no idea how to actually become an authority in your particular field. Well, this article is going to outline the steps that you can take to become an authority in your particular field. Just what is Authority? We, as human beings all have a deep-seated sense of duty when it comes to authority. Ever since we were kids, we were taught to ‘respect’ authority, and to ‘trust’ authority figures such as our teachers, policemen and doctors – and this conditioning stays with us right…show more content…
Well, it’s simple, really. When money is involved, authority has a lot to do with people trusting you enough to take out their credit cards so when you learn how to leverage people’s obedience to authority, then you will have the secret to growing your business in a way that your competitors could never dream of doing. Authority is always perceived as ‘trustworthy’ and carries great responsibility. If you want to influence people in your particular field, and to build a successful business online, then authority is the best chance you have of making that happen. In most people’s eyes, authority = expertise. That is why when faced with ‘authority’ figures like doctors in lab coats, nurses, policeman and other people in uniform, their brains tend to switch off their decision making capabilities, and rely on these ‘authority figures’ to tell them what to do. One thing to remember, though, is that people respect authority even more when it’s demonstrated, rather than just…show more content…
We are definitely on to something with this authority thing… As an online marketer, it’s usually a bit of a struggle when you’re just getting started to be able to get to the point where Google ranks you highly for the terms that you want people to find you for. But it is definitely not impossible. Just remember that Google ranks you according to how important people think you are. So the secret is to get people to link to you. The great Google then follows these links and uses them to index and rank web pages. There are a host of tools to help you in this regard, and most of them are free. But how do you get people to link to your content? First of all, you do this by becoming the authority that others link to or reference in their content. What this means is that you need a content-rich site that is going to demonstrate to both the people and to Google that you are an authority and expertise in your particular niche. It’s vitally important to discern between ‘claiming’ authority on your site or bio page, and actually demonstrating it through your content. What other people say about you is way more important than what you say about yourself - and seeing as authority is all about perception, ‘perceived’ authority can outrank ‘actual’ authority where Google is concerned. And that’s good news for all the newcomers to the
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