The Importance Of Autobiography In Literature

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Men always have a deep urge to express about himself. Through every medium of art, man tries to express his inner feelings. Different forms of literature help in a great deal in fulfilling such need of men. Especially confessional and autobiography writings helps man to show the true side of his personality and give a chance to share his thoughts in a larger canvas.Writing autobiography is an art of self-portrayal. It is form of regeneration of self. In literature, autobiographies are considered as history of self-hood, recollection of true events, mirror of society and a source of one’s moral vision of life. Autobiography is a faithful account which based on true events and focuses on existence of an individual. Autobiography articulates the journey of man towards self-analysis and self-discovery. Sometimes autobiography functions as a translation of one’s personality.The individual writer recreates own identity by providing intimate details of his life. An autobiography can analysed from cultural, political and religious perspective.Life writings are not purely anecdotes but a revelation of self to the world. Autobiographies of great leaders are important as they are admired and popular. Other than that these accounts have different significance as it uncovers the person beneath the power and position. This particular study evaluates selected…show more content…
It gives an opportunity to the politician to open up and influence a large audience other than media and propaganda. The glimpse of personal perceptive and struggle for power fascinates the readers .It also serves as a process of socialisation and an effective medium to project own ideology in front of a large audience. An autobiographical account gives an effective scope to address complex issues which cannot be communicated in any other way. These kinds of confessional writings expressed directly covering social, political, personal and political
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