The Importance Of Autonomy

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My preferences are INTJ. Some call it, the architect. Others call it, the mastermind. Either one sound pretty cool if I am being honest. Systems and decisions that are not just good in the moment but that potentially change how things are done forever are right up my ally. An idealist? Yes. But, not blindly or based off of emotion. Instead vision is thought through, rationalized and then acted on. I’m not the best socially but I consider myself to have some EI and continue to strive to enact what I have while I grow more. Leading people can be challenging because there is often a distance between us that I can’t resolve. I haven’t seen any change since my last description. Isn’t it true that instead of changing, we just believe who we are more…show more content…
If I don’t perceive that it does, then working to create more autonomy for the team should help improve their response. Of course, I need to be considerate of personalities that may pull back when too much autonomy is given or who may not be ready for such autonomy. Then again, giving autonomy and promising future autonomy are two different things. In some cases, the team may be ready for it now and in some cases we may need to get them to that point. So long as it is given when ready, the result should be positive. Using my newfound awareness of Relatedness, I can try to create as much familiarity as possible with them. Even in new situations, I can try and create common ground and relatability between me, them and the task at hand. Using my newfound awareness of Fairness, I can ensure that I understand the other person’s baseline attitude towards something and their baseline expectation. Since fairness is a relative thing and often times is based on expectations and opinions, understanding their baseline help me establish where we start the conversation and where we start the information exchange. Working from a good starting point is key and then building to where we need to go, keeping their expectation of the end result in mind the whole time, will help me ensure the feeling and opinion of fairness…show more content…
The wording of a request is very specific and solicits a response. Sometimes we aren’t ready for a response or for the potential response to the request, yet we ask anyway because that’s the common language we use; the request language. Sometimes, what we want to ask, say or achieve isn’t really a request. Instead, we use the request language but what we really want to say is more closely related to a directive or a rhetorical question. Requests result in an outcome and we need to be clear in advance of whether we desire an outcome to our question and if so, which outcomes we want. Knowing that in advance will help me phrase the request in a positive way which should solicit a positive response. Both NVC and SCARF are great frameworks for leading and managing social interactions. Being aware of them will change how I interact with others, both peers and subordinates. I believe, they can help me “manage up” as well with people I report to. Mentally reviewing interactions and how they went after the fact can help me identify how something went and where I can
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