The Importance Of Autonomy Support In Education

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The importance of perceptive autonomy support is undisputable in humanistic approach to education. Sustaining the perception of autonomy support is of paramount importance for learners to help them preserve consistency of comprehensibility and productivity during the entire years of study in higher education. According to Guay, Vallerand, and Blanchard (2000), “autonomy is a sense of feeling free from pressures and to have the possibility to make choices among several courses of action” (p.7). Autonomy is conceived of indulging the latitude for students to choose and undertake an internal locus of control (Young, 2005). Autonomy support concurs and accords, in a sense, with learner-centered approach to learning. Autonomy supportive teachers mould an environment redounding to student-dominated setting where learning and teaching works together for boosting confidence and resultant engagement in achieving success. Autonomy-supportive instructors provide choice, accord respect, encourage and confidence in their students, give a rationale for tasks and circumscription, acknowledge learners’ feelings, platforms and experiences, allow opportunities to take initiatives and do individualized work, purvey un-controlled informational feedback, eschew controlling behaviors, and preclude ego-involvement in learners (Gillet, Robert, Emmanuel, Lucie, and Sophie, 2011). Support of autonomy is considered as a dimension of teaching style which is realized itself in

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