Babysitting Reflection

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Babysitting will help me enhance the duty as secretary in many ways. For one, it teaches me to be responsible. I cannot bail on a parent when they rely on me to follow through with what I say. This reflects back to SCA because all members are a working unit. If I do not show up, it affects the entire association. I will understand that I made a commitment and SCA comes first. I also learned how to be a good role model to the kids. This will encourage me to do my best in SCA because I want to be a role model for the other students in the school. Babysitting also teaches me to compromise. Children want lots of sweets and want to watch TV all day. This causes this kids and I to compromise, since they obviously cannot have both of those…show more content…
Time management was also a skill I had to learn while babysitting. When it came to summer assignments and field hockey practices, I had to make sure I had enough time to finish my summer assignments efficiently. While babysitting I also learned how to solve conflicts very fast. Such conflicts included me being sick. I will transfer this skill to SCA by solving any obstacles coming our way when planning homecoming, prom, pep rallies, etc.. With babysitting comes efficient communication skills. The parents and I have to communicate what time I get to their house and leave. Communicating, I believe, is the most important skill to have with a team. All the other SCA positions and I will have to communicate times of meetings, who brings what to certain…show more content…
For one, I am outgoing. I love to answer questions, have better relationships with my peers, and help people out in any way I can. This will help me by making me seem approachable and allowing me to solve problems with people when they confront me about things. I am also honest. Leaders need to be honest with their team and whoever they’re leading, or else the team will not trust s/he. If a team does not trust each other well and is not cohesive, it is a disaster waiting to happen. The other members will not second guess what I say because they will know I am going to tell the truth; therefore, allowing me to become closer with them and creating a tighter bond. Communicating is also a quality I have. This will strengthen me and the association by allowing us to effectively work towards the same goal. It will cause less confusion, therefore allowing us to complete the task faster. I am also confident. This will help me because the other members will know, that I know, what I am talking about and they will trust my ideas more. Also, I am committed. This will help me because my team members will know I will not leave them; therefore, they will trust me more. Also, I am approachable. I am always happy to answer questions, accept criticism, or just talk. This will help me by establishing good relationships with the people around me, creating a better atmosphere to work in.
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