The Importance Of Bachelor's Degree

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My purpose of choosing this topic is because it is related to our university life and future. This essay will be able to tell other students that bachelor’s degree is certainly important and an investment that you won’t regret it. Quite a number of student do not understand the reason to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and with a lot of example that a degree may not earn more than a diploma or drop-out student, story of Jack Ma and Bill Gates will certainly affect a lot of students. To be like Jack Ma and Bill Gates, you will need to put in a lot of effort and self discipline which most people lack of. Stop dreaming and start dedicating your life in reality.
Graduating and being qualified with a bachelor’s degree is something that many dreams of, every single high school graduates understood the value of a degree, but being in college or university is hard in many ways, especially financially. A bachelor’s degree usually is a four-year degree that students pursue to work entry-level jobs in a particular field. A degree isn’t a requirement for a particular field, however, it will provide greater advantages over a diploma or a two-year degree. According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), in 2009, gross enrolment ratio for a degree is 35.76 percent in Malaysia, it is relatively low when compared to 88.58 percent of United States of America. Those who were not enrolled were most likely to be in labour force. Most people value facts over opinions, here is a list of importance
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