Dynamic Postural Stability

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Balance According to Gametta and Gray 1995, balance is the single most important component of athletic ability because of its major involvement in the majority of all sporting movements. Balance is required for every tasks on a day to day basis. The body works hard in everyday movements to stay balanced, even in the most simplest of actions. Balance has also been described as stability, postural control and dynamic control. Stability is defined as the state of a joint remaining or quickly returning to proper alignment through an equalization of forces as stated by Riemann et al 2002. Stability can be seen to be used as a word to describe movements of the body. The definition of postural control in a study by Blackburn et al 2000 states that…show more content…
Similar to what is previously mentioned about balance, DPS is required in every movement. A deficit in this can cause altered movement patterns and impede on one’s daily activities. These activities include everyday basic actions like getting out of bed, brushing teeth and walking. Again as previously mentioned, DPS utilizes and combines every sense and system to maintain proper posture and movement. Time to Stabilization Time to stabilization (TTS) is a quantitative force-plate measurement that is used to calculate how quickly individuals stabilize after landing from a jump (Ross et al 2005). Studies have found that longer TTS may be due to a deficit in neuromuscular control and proprioception (Wilkstrom et al 2005). In Ross et al’s study in 2005 a jump landing protocol was selected as the ideal protocol because of its resemblance to athletic movements in sport. It was also a way to control the jump height and jump…show more content…
Healthy and functionally instable subjects took part in this study. For the step down protocol, the test leg was used as the step down leg off a 20cm high platform onto a force plate. This protocol is a replication from a study by Colby et al about ACL deficits. The jump landing protocol was taken from the study mentioned above by Ross et al. The conclusion from the study by Wilkstrom et al concluded that the best protocol to use to compare health and functionally instable ankles is the jump landing and should be analysed using the unbounded third order polynomial
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