The Importance Of Ban On Tobacco Advertising

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1. In favor of ban on tobacco advertising:

The ban of tobacco advertising is justified because it is the moral responsibility of the government to protect the welfare of its citizens as tobacco is known to cause serious health issues and death. The number of deaths due to illnesses caused by tobacco has been exponentially rising. According to WHO, there were 4,023 deaths in 1998 and the number is estimated to rise to 8.4 million deaths in 2020 and 10 million in 2030. Advertising should also be banned so as not to influence the youth to start smoking. The ban was not something new because there were international precedents. Countries like France, Finland and Norway had already implemented similar bans. The government had the right to intervene as tobacco was the most dangerous consumer product known, which killed when used as the makers intended. Therefore, from an ethical standpoint, the government had to discourage the habit, as it was responsible for the welfare of its citizens. A case in point was cocaine, which was, banned the world over by governments in an effort to protect the citizens. The ban on tobacco advertising was not unique to India. For instance in 1981, the Supreme Court (of Appeal) in Belgium gave its ruling that a ban on tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional. In 1991 the French Constitutional Council declared that the French ban on advertising tobacco products was not unconstitutional as it was based on the need to protect public health

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