Banning Books Should Be Banned Essay

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Banning books has always been a big debate if it’s acceptable or not in the field of language arts… most Americans believe people should have the freedom to choose what they want to read. By banning books, our basic rights as US citizens are kind of taken away. Book banning affects the people who read books to the people who write them. I feel that most people banned or try to ban books because they want to protect others from different ideas and information. Banned books are basically books that are thought to be “unsuited” for their intended age group and are therefore challenged by parents to be removed from a school or any local library shelf. I personally do not agree with banning books. I believe that most books that are being banned…show more content…
It was a pretty easy costume for me. There 's not much difference between my good and bad clothes, so I pretty much look half-homeless anyway." Page 77 this quote is very powerful it 's self… because one it gives you a visual on how he looked and two about how he lived. He had a rough life and in the book, it shows that. It shows that what we may think is terrible to us may be gold to them in the Indian reservations, so it teaches us readers lesson on how we should appreciate the little things a little bit more because things are ten times rougher in other places. Arnold is a 14 year old boy, living in the poor Spokane reservation. Arnold decides to leave the reservation school to go to Reardon, a predominately white school that is 22 miles away. For example, if Arnold never had the determination to one vs. one with Roger, he would 've never made the basketball team. Making the basketball was important because if he never had, during the game versus WellPoint, his coach and team never would 've cheered on for Arnold and gave Arnold hope, by telling him he could do it and he was the best player, etc. Another example is because how in "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian" how Arnold changed his perspective on white people, and native Americans. before he though Indian 's were useless and not as good as white people, but in the end, he realized that, that stereotype wasn 't true. I liked these parts because it shows Arnold becoming hopeful and
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