The Importance Of Banning Books

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Banning books has always been a big debate if it’s acceptable or not in the field of language arts… most Americans believe people should have the freedom to choose what they want to read. By banning books, our basic rights as US citizens are kind of taken away. Book banning affects the people who read books to the people who write them. I feel that most people banned or try to ban books because they want to protect others from different ideas and information. Banned books are basically books that are thought to be “unsuited” for their intended age group and are therefore challenged by parents to be removed from a school or any local library shelf. I personally do not agree with banning books. I believe that most books that are being banned are teaching children/teens about real life, teaching children/teens lessons. In addition, it’s not your place to decide what other children you don’t even know are reading. But let me elaborate more about why the novel The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian should not be banned. After doing research on why people wanted to ban this book I came to a conclusion. There was lots of concern over Junior masturbating, because no teenage boys masturbate, right? Another concern was that the book encouraged racism. This is not the only book that deals with race, and if anything, this book helps with] some folks understand what it is to be Native American and what struggles they have had to go through after being kicked off of their own

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