The Importance Of Banquo In Macbeth

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In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare includes characters that are important and unimportant to the progression of the plot. Banquo, is one the characters in the play, that is necessary to the progression of the plot. Even though Banquo is killed by Macbeth in the play, after his death, he comes back as a ghost and is mentioned throughout the rest of the play. Before he is killed, he serves as Macbeth’s most loyal friend and fights with him during the war. The character Banquo is just as much important to the play when he is dead, just as much as when he was alive. While Banquo is still alive, Macbeth and he are given a prophecy by the three witches, and then they talk about it, but are intruded by Angus and Ross telling them that some of the prophecy is true. Macbeth later says to Banquo that “Think upon what hath / chanced, and at more time, / The interim having weighed it, let us speak / Our free hearts each other” (1.3.155-158), so they can talk more about their prophecy, Macbeth becomes king and Banquo has children that will become king. While he is alive…show more content…
As she is sleepwalking, she begins speaking and reveals truths about their wrongdoings in gaining power and replays the events of several nights as one; “Wash your hands, put on your / nightgown; look not so pale! I tell you yet / again, Banquo’s buried. He cannot come / out on’s grave” (5.1.73-76), the washing of the hands is associated with Duncan’s murder and the Banquo’s murder is alluded to. Saying that she is telling someone that he is buried and cannot come out means she is telling Macbeth these things and that Macbeth is becoming consumed with guilt too. Although Banquo died in the first half of the play, he is still important throughout the play because of his death, and him being tied into Macbeth’s original prophecy that Macbeth was trying to rewrite throughout the
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