The Importance Of Barriers To Learning

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Barriers to learning are problems or situations that prevent learners from accessing programs, make it difficult for learners to go to class or make it hard for learners to concentrate and learn. In a school community, learners face many barriers, such as; emotional, mental and physical, health issues, financial issues, shelter and transport issues and family relationships and social support issues.
An educator in a school environment can reduce barriers to learning by developing an understanding of how to lower organizational physical and academic access to barriers for needy learners. A successful educator in inclusive learning train him/herself to recognize and address learner’s issues. He or she should determine the cause of the learner’s problem by watching closely the learner for any problematic behaviour or actions and tell the parents about the learner’s social and emotional development problem so that the learner can be sent for psychiatric evaluation if necessary.
In case of HIV/AIDS, health issues and any form of disabilities identify specialist support staff such as counselors, occupational therapists and behavioural therapists who can help, the therapists can be chosen also from the community. Educators and the school administration should provide learners’ access to these specialists by incorporating a plan that learners can use and follow while working with the therapists. The learning environment should be structured in a way that it engages learners in

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