A Narrative Essay About Baseball Analysis

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Smoking in the dugouts and no toilets! Are you serious? There are many situations in life that aren’t fair and we cannot control. Whether it’s playing baseball in horrible pollution, and I mean horrible, and having no baseball gear that other people would say, “Where did you get that from?” I didn’t know how good I had until I went on a memorable journey. The summer of 2016 I traveled to Beijing with my brother and his baseball team to play against high school teams from the area. I had the opportunity to hang out with my brother’s team and with the high school teams and see how baseball is played in a different country. In Beijing, where the games were being played, the pollution was so bad and the smell in the air was as bad as rotten tomatoes from all the smoke. I was really frightened to be there because I was concerned about my health. In the U.S., we don’t…show more content…
Walking out of our hotel was a disaster for me because of the horrendous air. I asked myself “Do they really have to play in this condition and potentially risk their health?” I couldn’t imagine these high school players playing baseball in this weather everyday, something that was uncontrollable. If only they had the chance to come to the U.S. and get out of there so they could play in the enjoyable California weather. Some parents were wearing mask because it was that bad, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to look like a fool going to watch a baseball game. When we first got there, we got off the team bus and saw the players watering the field by themselves. They looked like they were having fun because they kept on spraying each other with the water and laughing. I was very astonished to see the players doing the pregame field prep. To see them doing the field, it illustrates how they are not fortunate to have people come out and prepare the field for them. In my experience of playing, whenever I get to the field, it is always prepped for my team. I went on to explore the

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