The Importance Of Beauty: An Essay On Beauty

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Aristotle wisely said that beauty is matter of size. If a thing is beautiful but very big in size then its beauty becomes useless and same is the case is with too little things because their beauty is also useless. Human being is one of the beautiful creation of God. He made human beings more beautiful than all other creations. In both genders of human beings we may find different colors and cast and different ways of thinking. Normally almost both genders are conscious about their beauty but this consciousness is more at women part. Every woman has a wish to be more and more beautiful. Because everyone has a different appearance and attributes, so everyone can not touch the height of the wish of being beautiful. Here in below article we have top 10 of the most beautiful…show more content…
But in case of Alia Bhatt this concept became doubtful. Because the young actress form India has a very cute look and beauty which is called hundred percent real beauty. She is one of the youngest beautiful female character in Bollywood. Her charming look and intoxicated eyes are enough to make someone crazy. In her professional career she is mostly liked for her impressive and incredible figure and appearance. In a very young age she became a part of lists of most beautiful women of the world in present time. It is wisely said that beauty is a power and smile is its sward. When you want to prey someone of your beauty, you just have to use your sward of smile. Next in our list is another beautiful and can also be called a wonderfully attractive women of the world. Meryem Uzerli. She is actually a Turkish-German actress. Her face, smile, eyes and hairs even everything which is a demand of beauty is present in this member of the list. Her smile is wonderfully attractive and her beautiful face is full enough for making someone crazy in a single sight. Actually beauty has a power that can melt a
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