The Importance Of Beauty And The Ideal Body Image

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When discussing body image it is important to note that over time, body idealizations have shifted. Beauty standards are constantly evolving with the current trend and with this what constitutes as the ideal body in societies shifts. “Beauty” and the “Ideal” body image are socially constructed, and are often reinforced by the media, but body images ideals are subject to change over time. The media’s version of beauty has changed throughout the decades (Hesse-Biber 1997). Today’s ideal appearance of a man or a woman is not the same as it was a hundred years ago, nor will it be the same in the future. Throughout history, being underweight was typically frowned upon as it was a sign of poverty, people consider obesity to represent prestige and were often admired. During the renaissance period, the ideal body of a woman was a full figured body. Women had full hips, a rounded stomach and were overweight, these women were the most desirable and attractive. During the Renaissance, being thin or underweight was indication that an individual was poor and couldn’t afford food and being overweight represented favourable features of health and fertility during this time period. Compared with our society today, where obesity is frowned upon and thinness is idolized. Slenderness was not seen as attractive until the twenty century (Grogan 2017). The Victorian period, brought with it ideals that attractive women were to be plump and full figured with small waists, bringing about the era

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