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“Beauty: The quality of being physically attractive” ( There is a saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". That being stated, what one individual considers beautiful may not be beautiful to another. When I define the word beauty, my mind varies far away from its denotation. In my opinion beauty is not something that can be observed, beauty is held within the soul it lays. True beauty will give insight of something unique beyond just the outward appearance. Yes, while looking at models or people of famous runways I find myself giving them credit of being beautiful due to their physical appearance. These people are admirable, but they fall short to those who contain beauty on the inside.
Not everyone is born to be pictured on the cover of magazines or walk the runway. Some
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All over the world there are people who suffer from lack of food, water, or housing. While this is a sad situation, beauty has arose from it. People go out of their way or even dedicate their life to serve others. Though this can be referred to as an act of kindness, I find it beautiful. Celebrities and other wealthy people are constantly found donating money to charities, supporting third world countries when they could be spending their hard earned money on themselves. I find that compassion is more powerful than physical beauty.
Beauty is formed in countless ways. Beauty can come from a person due to their posture, personality, character, or social status. Once again, beauty is not just something physical, beauty is a feeling that relates to the pleasure that one finds in the existence of life itself. Beauty is also the acceptance of diversity, because without diversity beauty it would not exist. The denotation of the word is true, but it lacks the full explanation of beauty. Beauty does not have to relate to people, it can be the atmosphere or your feelings. Beauty is everywhere you just have to be willing to seek

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