The Importance Of Beauty In Literature

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Literature aims to flourish truth and beauty which resonate the elegance of delight and blow the breezes of spiritual well being in human thought. Rabnidranath Tagore, Sobriquet Gurudev,a Bengali Polymath and first Non- European Nobel laureate and John Keats, the great English romantic and poet of beauty reshaped their own distinctive region’s literature with profoundly sensitive, vigorous and well composed works where truth and beauty are merged as the majestic and all encompassing spirits. Tagore in his romantic expression has poured intense solemnity and comfort with a keen search of beauty in things. He has also sought to explore the greater underlying truth of these beauties in complete spiritual realization. To John Keats, beauty stands as the spirit of life and art. It is the predominating force of his poetry from the early Endymion to his last poem Hyperion: A Vision. At the very beginning of Endymion, he declares: A thing of Beauty is a joy forever/ It’s loveliness increases.

Tagore’s romanticism and his glorification of love appear as a continuation of Valmiki tradition, the deep understanding of the beauty and wealth of Mother Earth and Nature. His love of nature and world, love of man and love of God, are the accents of keen awareness of beauty, acute apprehension of truth and earnest interest of the cosmic infinite whole. At the same time Jhon Keats demonstrates his grand eminence as a poet stepping his foot on the ground of beauty. The everlasting essence of a
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