The Importance Of Beauty In The Beauty Industry

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We the people living in this earth all belong to a system. The current society is providing social rules that exhibit a guideline for the future generations. Beauty is a crucial part of our lives. It impacts the way people perceive us along with the way we feel. The beauty industry has improved its advertisement strategies by inducing popular areas such as Hollywood as the newest and best places. The unrealistic expectations of the beauty industry impact our perception of what is “normal” in society in such a way that people all around the world experience psychological traumas induced by the unfeasible images represented in most advertisements. “Beauty” is a giant word. The standard definition of beauty is “ the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit”(Merriam Webster). Simplified beauty is simply an ideal. Beauty is much more than a “perfect” complexion, but many do not view it that way, as the meaning of “ beautiful” changes from person to person due to the diverse ways people learn. In reality, beauty does not exist. It is an illusion that will conclude as the person ages. One of the largest problem society is currently experiencing is living with the past upon them. The entertainment industry has used the idea of beauty to idealize what women should be by inciting an inadequate body image mostly based on computer-generated images. This industry is taking advantage of the most

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