The Importance Of Beauty Matters Essay

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In world around us we can see many amazing things. Some are ugly, practical and simple in the way they look. But not all of them. Some are beautiful, they amuse us and they give us a break from our dull life. Our world without these beautiful objects would be completely different. Maybe even our lives would be a little bit worse then they are right now. I believe that beauty matters, for us and for this world. We should not forget about the value and impact it has on our daily life. The document by Scruton “Why beauty matters?” raise a subject which is really important right now. It is about the fact that beauty is simply a thing human need in their life. He also states a thing we can all observe all around us. The fact that currently there is so called “cult of ugliness”. There is something true about that. Humans started concentrating on usefulness and on practical aspect on the object, forgetting the aspect of beauty. But what we forget is that according to Scruton beauty can be useful. It has many worthy aspects. He thinks that humans have a need for harmony. This is a thing I definitely can agree with. Humans are practical, and harmony is one of the elements that compose usefulness. This element can be seen in the most simple of our human behaviour. In the way we dress, decorate…show more content…
Once more, I agree with him. Our daily life is kind of boring and normal. It is dull. We wake up, go to school or work, complete chores and go to sleep. Then the process begins once more. Beauty can for a second break this circle. We can focus on it and forget about everything else. Figuratively it can bring colour to our life. By beauty, expressing it or simply watching it, we can our world a little bit. Having such a breaks from our life, simply to stare in amusement, is important also for our mind. Beauty mattes because, as Scruton said, it gives us a break from reality and brings something different to our daily

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