The Importance Of Being A Medical Assistant's Creed

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The Medical Assistant’s Creed is a collection of formal statements that reflect the morals and values that a medical assistant should adhere to daily. Each line holds its own meaning and together they reflect the different areas of responsibility that a medical office assistant has regarding patient care, self-betterment, daily practices, and ethics.
“I believe in the principles and purposes of the profession of medical assisting.”
This line means that one should wholeheartedly adopt the ethics of a medical office assistant and strive towards providing the best quality of care to each patient, as well as completing every assigned task to the best of one’s ability.
“I endeavor to be more effective.”
To endeavor to be more effective pertains to the promise to always better oneself in terms of skill sets in the workplace. Knowledge is key to being a successful medical office assistant, and it is essential to consistently stay up-to-date on the latest practices and procedures through individual education and communication with colleagues.
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We are entrusted with their most intimate details of personal and medical histories. A medical office assistant must always ensure that their confidentiality is protected through protective measures and to refrain from gossiping with colleagues about their personal
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