The Importance Of Being A Music Missionary

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What does it mean to be a Music Missionary? We all know what comes to mind when we hear the world missionary: youth mission trips, support letters and fundraisers, Matthew 28:19-20, a missionary family speaking in church, a mission house, and much more. A Music Missionary works just the same way, with a little bit of a twist. They preach the gospel locally, nationally, and globally with music. They study the music of different cultures with the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with them through music. They take cultural styles that are indigenous to a people group and use them to write glorifying music to God. Being a Music Missionary is a rewarding experience both in Heaven and on earth, but there is a process to it. This starts with researching and understanding a culture’s history, people, religions, language, and lifestyles, along with their music, instruments, and musicians. The next step is identifying the common musical style that could be rewritten and used to share the gospel. When you share God’s love with someone of another culture in their language, their lifestyle, and with their music, they are much more likely to listen. Our God is not merely the God of North America, or the God of the west. He is the God of every tribe, tongue, and nation on the face of the earth. When we immerse ourselves into another culture for the purpose of sharing the gospel with them, we proclaim that truth. The continent of Africa is historically is one of the most

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