The Importance Of Being A Pediatrician

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What does it take to be a pediatrician? With pediatrics being in the medical field, many would immediately assume that you are a very smart person, concluding to the fact that it only takes your intelligence. Although it is very true that you do have to be smart to be a pediatrician, or any kind of doctor at that matter, it takes more than intelligence; patience and discipline are vital to be a pediatrician. The reason you need patience is that for the fact that you need to take many, many years of post-secondary education. Depending on what courses you take, and whether you would want to continue advancing in your career, will determine how much time you will continue to spend in school. Being a doctor of any kind requires more training than most other jobs. Whether you like it or not, discipline is needed everywhere and it can even be used in the smallest of things. Just like in everyday life, you need discipline in studying or in trying to get to places on time. Are you disciplined enough to sleep earlier than what you usually sleep for a test, or do you take the risk of falling asleep during the test? Patience, discipline, and intelligence are all key factors into what makes a great doctor. Now many ask, what is needed in high school in order to be a pediatrician? High school is really the start of every career, so…show more content…
Going through many, many years of college proves that someone who is a pediatrician has an amazing amount of patience. Throughout the time of being in school, a person showed discipline by getting to class on time and studying throughout the week rather than studying five minutes before the big test. Someone showed patience by going through all those years of post-secondary education, and then a few extra years of residency.
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