The Importance Of Being A Political Appointee

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First, I believe that a political appointee should be placed by the government official in the federal job of being a director; i.e., the top position within the U.S. federal government. A political appointee would be better suited for the job, as they have a tendency to fill the top-level policy making posts within federal, state and local bureaucracies. In doing so, they often prevent a system of government in which the majority of important decisions is made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

They serve without tenure and hold office at the pleasure of the chief elected official. Placing a political appointee into office would actually help keep agencies accountable for their actions; in addition to helping the needs of the public, as they often hold the appointee accountable because if they decline in succeeding at their job, the public and the media will definitely let them hear about it.

Political appointees may have a higher level of education, but their overall skills in management are often beneath them; as they may or may not be experts in their field, and tend to use their position in government for private gain. By having a government official place a political appointee to the federal job of being a director, there is an excessive increase in the rate at which employees leave a
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This procedure consists of a series of public service branches concerned with all governmental administrative functions outside the armed services. The Office of Personnel Management; or OPM, is the office in charge of hiring for most of the federal government, by using a collection of elaborate rules and procedures in the process of hiring, working conditions, and dismissal that governs the employees who work in career positions within the
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