The Importance Of Being A Pre-Professional Dancer

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I’ve been dragged across the stage during the fight scene of the Nutcracker; I’ve recovered from a broken leg; I’ve acted out Swan Lake to younger dancers, and I’ve led Bollywood dance rehearsals for an orginal show to be performed in Europe and the Pacific Northwest. I’m now a pre-professional dancer at the Pacific Ballet Academy, directed by Marion and Rima Chaeff, both of whom trained in Vienna and danced professionally. I cannot imagine my life without the ballet and memories I’ve made from it.
I learn choreography for performances by having it demonstrated to me, working with model I can follow and who will work with me at a comfortable pace. This makes learning choreography at my studio an excellent challenge for me, as the way the directors “teach” choreography is playing a video of the performance from a previous year. Additionally, the directors constantly changed my position, which challenged me to retain the
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When something doesn’t make sense to me or isn’t working for me, I know to analyze all components of the issue and figure out how I can take a different approach in order to reach a solution. I want to be dedicated to every task I have and succeed in learning something I am passionate about. I know that I will encounter challenging situations, and just like in ballet, I have to remember that it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and drive to work through it. Even though I am quite shy, I don’t want to stay that way; I want to be brave enough to know what I must do in order to be successful. Ballet taught me that working with others is important because it allows me to complete a task much faster than if I try to do something on my own. Furthermore, I learned that teamwork benefits the entire group. Not only do I want to be brave, I want to be brave enough to know how to accomplish what I want, because it will only help me learn, which is something I love

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