The Importance Of Being A Single Mother

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3.1 Being a single mother is not easy, especially if she does not have enough money to support her family. Growing up witnessing this every corner I turned, it was hard not only on the children but hard on the mothers. However, there are many reasons that a woman could be left alone with her children on social assistance, as well there are many repercussions that can occur intentionally or accidentally to the many children as well. This essay explores the issues that can arise in this situation as well as how I would approach this situation as a social worker.
Ms. M raises many concerns in several types of situations. The first thought that crosses my mind, is that she is a single mother whose husband has recently left her. She is left alone with her five children and she is incapable of taking care of them on her own because they are too much for her to handle. Thus, she is the one instigating several issues – instigating physical and verbal abuse – and the reason the neighbors hear crying and screaming at all hours (not just at night) is because she is constantly yelling at her children, as well her children are fighting amongst each other. She raises the issue of a toxic home environment that would usually result in a social worker advising her to come in for counselling or the children will be removed from her home
This is a problem that I can easily identify because that was the type of environment I personally grew up in. My mother left my father, and something
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