Being A Stay-At-Home Mother

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Being a stay-at-home mom is not a cakewalk. Nothing makes life more pleasurable than spending time with your kids. Yes, agreed. But taking care of a kid who runs around everywhere, puts her hand into everything, and cries for food, sleep and attention can take a toll on your sanity. Not to mention those occasional moments of feeling undervalued when neither your partner nor others acknowledge the value of the work you are doing. Read the seven cardinal rules to follow when you are a stay-at-home mother:
Rule 1: Take pride in what you are doing
Being a stay-at-home mother might have been your deliberate choice. Or situations might have compelled you to quit your job and choose that way of life. Whatever the case, take pride in what you are doing. Being a mom itself is no easy task, let alone being a stay-at-home mom. Give yourself a pat on your back mamma, for you taken the tough road to keep your kids happy and healthy. Please don’t consider your role insignificant and from today onwards, start taking pride in it.
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But that doesn’t mean that you have to be unrealistic about being a stay-at-home mother. Like everyone else, you also have 24 hours in your day. You are a human being with emotions like everyone else is. So it is natural to feel depressed, tired and sad occasionally. No one is going to arrest you for feeling low or sad. Every job comes with its own pluses and minuses; same goes for the role of a stay-at-home mother. Be realistic about what you

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