The Importance Of Being A Teacher

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The manner I have learned what it means to be a professional is, I modeled those teachers whom I would mark as professional. I ruminate about my professors in college. What characteristics do those who act in a professional manner exhibit? They respected their students and treated them all equally; they did not talk about other teachers or make offensive statements in class about others; they did their best and expected the best; they understood the beliefs of their job description and followed through with them; they found and brought out the best in their students.
Educators that are real teachers are those who make decisions, often-difficult ones, to be able to do the best they can. Students expect their teachers to be genuine. Teachers are professionals, however, being considered a professional does not instantly make one to act professionally, and regrettably, too many do not act the part. Being “real” is work. It is designed with effort and a focused attitude.
“In addition to being knowledgeable in their subject, teachers must have the ability to communicate, inspire, trust and confidence, and motivate students, as well as understand the students’ educational and emotional needs” (Bureau of Labor statistics, 2004). Students respond to their surroundings. As the
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As a teacher, I am a communicator. Speaking is my business, and learning effective ways to express myself will help me not only do my job well, but also in getting along with people. Somethings I ask myself, when I want to communicate efficiently and effectively; Does what I say have substance? Is it beneficial? I evaluate the words I use and the content of what I say and determine what kind of communicator I am and want to
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