The Importance Of Being A Three-Sport Athlete

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To have passion means to experience an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. I’d say I have a passion for sports, but that would be an understatement. The day I got introduced to sports, was the day I found the missing puzzle piece in my life. First I joined a peewee soccer team, then it was recreational basketball, and lastly lacrosse in middle school. Being pulled up on varsity for all three sports as a sophomore was one of my greatest accomplishments along with obtaining a starting position. Consequently, being a three-sport athlete is tough and stressful at times, but I could never give it up because it has made me who I am today. I love participating in athletic events because it is a great way to relieve stress and have fun. Even after a long day at school, I am still able to find motivation to exercise and make the most of each practice. Staying healthy and being active is an important aspect of my life because it boosts my self-esteem. My family loves watching me play, almost as much as I love playing. They are my biggest supporters and make me feel important when I see them in the stands.…show more content…
Someone could be the greatest athlete alive, but without being a team player they would never be able to succeed. Therefore working with others is now one of my strengths because I know how important it is to contribute and get along with my peers. My teammates are my second family because we all have each other back and realize the importance of being there for one another. There’s a special bond that’s created within a team and being a part of it is so special. Furthermore, there are many different aspects of being a team player that come into play in my daily
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