The Importance Of Being Active In The Classroom

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I think it is very important to allowed students to be active every day in classrooms for many different reasons. One reason is young children are naturally active in life. They learn to explore their environment better by being active. Just sitting at desk all day is not going to help young child learn. They need to be able to get up and be active in the classroom. I think when they are active it helps them learn better. It makes learning more fun when you are active. I have always believed kids learn best when they are having fun. Besides having fun another reason for regular activity in the classroom is that at a young age it sets good habits in kids. This will help students develop the skills they need to stay active in their lives. Which leads me another reason for kids being healthy because of be active is that it has been shown that it is good for the brain to have Physical Activity. Many Neuroscientists around the globe all agree that physical activity is the best medicine for kids to maintain brain health throughout their lives. There are many reasons for this one is that it increasing the blood flow in the brain which stimulates the growth of new neurons. Another reason is that it also has been proven to improve the white matter integrity of children who are physical active. As you can see there are many reasons that physical activities is good for the brain in children. Physical activity is very important in the classroom. It is our job as teachers to have
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