The Importance Of Being An Outsider

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To be an outsider means that you or someone else has joined some form of group and has had no previous experience, such as, going to a new school where you don’t know anyone and have never really been there before. I have been an outsider many times in my life, but the one that sticks out the most was when I went to a forensic summer camp this past summer. Since the main summer camp I had gone to the previous year had lost funding, I decided to go to multiple camps over the summer. Since the middle school camp was full and since I was going into eighth grade, they decided to put in with the high schoolers. I was very nervous for the first few days, but I gradually got to know people when the counselors put us into groups for different activities. Eventually, the camp was over and I have only seen one of my fellow campers since then.…show more content…
I am have experienced being an insider when I go to school every day since I know most of the people in class very well and when I go to Boy Scouts and other social groups. There have been some instances in school, basketball teams, and other social groups where someone new has joined and I did not help them adjust, even when I could have done so. I could have gotten to know that person better, and become their friend to help them as I needed help when I was an outsider. I could have also shown them around the premises and introduced them to the people in the group or school, which might help them get to know people better and get used to the layout of the
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