What Are The Signs Of Arrogance Essay

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Why your colleagues are calling you “Arrogant” Being arrogant is about the; I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude. Most of times people tend to mistake their arrogance for confidence. Arrogant people are usually seen as distant loners who prefer their own ideas to anyone else, formally being arrogant means to devalue others and their contributions. Arrogant people measure themselves against other people and judge themselves to be better. It usually results in people feeling diminished, rejected and angry. So what are the common signs of arrogance? You always have an answer and presume it’s the only answer This is the biggest sign of arrogance, the failure to listen to thoughts and opinion of others. You are known for giving instant output and…show more content…
Arrogance definitely involves 'firm conviction' which, of course, is the upside but I firmly believe that you can hold on to your views without projecting arrogance and at the same time show some respect for the views of others as well. It, however, does not mean that one has to agree with the other person's viewpoint but there is a way to show disagreement without creating unpleasantness. During interaction with your colleagues, even if you know the answer and it’s correct, give a patient hearing to the other party. Listen without being judgmental and make sure your body language is not negative and conveying your disinterest. The most important part is to allow your colleagues to save face; you don’t have to make them look stupid even if they lost the argument. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. This is especially true given both entail a strong belief in one's own abilities. When it comes to the responses they provoke, however, that's where the similarities end. Confidence is inspiring and pulls people to you; arrogance is a turn-off and keeps people off from you. Most of the people have difficulty in differentiating between the two; you need to exude confidence, not

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