The Importance Of Being Earnest Play Analysis

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The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde is “a trivial comedy for serious people”, a subtitle Wilde gave to the play. According to the Bundaberg Playhouse theatre, “It is a farcical comedy in which the protagonists maintain fictitious personae to escape burdensome social obligations” (2018, under “The Importance of being Earnest, Bundaberg Playhouse Theatre”). The original production occurred in 1895 and premiered in the St James Theatre in London England, it was in creative development from 1894 to 1895. Rather than integrating specific history or place (in comparison to other comedies), The Importance of Being Earnest incorporates an evident use of satire for the purpose of ridiculing the cultural norms of marriage, love and the mind-set of the Victorian Era, particularly the relationship between social classes and obligations.

Oscar Wilde is an Irish author, as stated by, “known for his acclaimed works including ‘The picture of Dorian Gray’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, as well as his brilliant wit, flamboyant style and infamous imprisonment for homosexuality” (2017, under “Oscar Wilde”). He was born on the 16th
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‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ was originally written as four acts; however, while in rehearsal upon advisement, Wilde reduced it to three acts which is now the widely known version, which I will be using. There are a range of important narrative features such as an inciting incident, a range of turning points and a clear midpoint. As aforementioned in the narrative overview, When John proposes to Gwendolen Fairfax as his city persona, ‘Ernest’ and is rejected by her mother, the main protagonist, a well-known gentleman in the city and a kind man in the country, must try and maintain his persona undetected while trying win her hand in marriage. This all occurs in present time which would be around
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