The Importance Of Being Earnest Literary Analysis

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Man Ieng Wong Dr. Damian Shaw ENGB220-001 12 April 2016 Is Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Ernest Merely Written To Amuse An Audience, Or Does It Have A Serious Moral Message? Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is a comedy produced and released in 1895. It is regarded as his most famous and successful work. Wilde showed his marvelous skills in using humorous and satirical words in the play. However, in the early and mid-twentieth century, many people criticized that it was barely a play to amuse the audience, but without any meaningful inspiration. In order to overturn this comment, it is necessary to have an analysis of the play. “… He developed a set of attitudes and postures for which he would eventually become famous. Chief among these were his flamboyant style of dress, his contempt for conventional values, and his belief in aestheticism…” (SparkNotes Editors), Wilde was dissatisfied with the Victorian social values. In The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde satirized the ideas of the Victorian upper class society through a few aspects. One of the main points he claimed is people’s attitude towards marriage in the Victorian society that “whether marriage is pleasurable or a restrictive social duty” (Shmoop Editorial Team). Lady Bracknell is a typical character represented the superficial upper class. When she noticed that her daughter Gwendolen was going to be engaged to Mr. Worthing, the most she concerned was not whether the man really loved her

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