The Importance Of Being In Football

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A life experience was that my son becoming who he is in football. As a little boy watching him watch football on the TV screen and him say that will be him on that TV screen one day. As a parent the time wasn’t coming fast enough. When he was around eight or nine years old he started little league football. Every Saturday morning waking up around nine o’ clock being in the sun cheering, worrying if your child would ever get hurt. Telling him that’s his hard work will play off one day. He just has to keep working hard and show people how much you love football. Many opportunities and one bad decision can mess that all up. Watching him in middle school play football amazing, but watching how smart he was with football knowing the ins and outs looking like a high school kid…show more content…
Watching him play that position for the first time he looked like he been playing in that spot for years. Had doubt that the other team would keep throwing to his side. After he played his sophomore year in high school colleges start coming to the school the phone call start coming week after week. His sophomore year he had around 29 offers from junco colleges to D1 college. Wanting him to go to a good school can sometime be hard because you have so many to choice from. Every week going to college and seeing their academics program helps to see how life would be after college if he doesn’t go to the NFL. You always want to have a plan b because at any moment that ball can deflate. Going to these colleges and seeing how many people would be in classes learning how it’s really not how people say it. The life lesson that I learn with my son and his football career is even though he doing what he loves he still need to have a backup plan and knowing what you want to do after football. What ever happen with football he still have family even when he feel like he can’t do it
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