The Importance Of Being In Love

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Have you ever been in love? Being in love is one of the most unexplainable feeling in the world. You get to experience a lot of emotions. You get to feel this feeling that you haven't even felt before, the butterflies in your tummy, how your partner can gives you this shiver whenever he call your name, the happiness you feel whenever you hear his or her voice that always makes you feel that your day is complete. And those little things that he or she do to make you smile, even those little efforts that you get instantly crazy of. Like you can't never get enough of him. You always want to see him to be with or just simply hearing his voice over the phone. The beauty of relationships is having to be in love with each other. Accepting all of your partner’s flaws and even his imperfections. Being in love does not mean that you get to be happy all…show more content…
Does it really work? Well yes, my Uncle has been in an online relationship and now he’s married with this girl. According to him, anything is possible in love. Online relationships are more admirable than others. Because that’s when two persons have so much trust in each other. Why? Because you get to trust one other to what they are doing, you have to trust them that they would not do anything to hurt you or even ruin your relationship. Also partners must have constant communication. If one is down, the other must know how to bring him or her up.
Online relationships are hard. But most people that are in an online relationship are the ones who are more mature than the others who have the normal relationships. In online relationships. You get to always communicate with each other. And communication is the key to every relationships. And you will learn in online relationships that not all the time your world just goes around in your partner you get to learn that there are time that you have to understand them because not every time that person is available we all have our works that we have to

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