The Importance Of Being In The Arts In Schools

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Being involved with the arts has helped myself in a drastic way. At age 2 ½ , while most toddlers started talking, all anyone could hear from me is a soft whisper of a mumbled voice. There should be more arts in schools. Kids should start being involved in the arts at young age. Not only does it help for the development of children but it helps children/students be more communicative.

Being in the arts not only can help children but also students become more drive. Although, people (parents, and people in the communities) think that the school should focus more on classes that would get you ready for standardized test like reading, math, and science. The arts helps students to be more developed and advanced in schools. Tests have shown an increase of math and test scores with students in the arts. According to Sara Holub, Green Bay Preble High School choir teacher, sees how beneficial it is for students in the arts. “Being in the arts you see students more independent, more problem solving, and they take ownership of their product. It helps them appreciate self-expression. It also helps develop parts of the brain.” This supports why we want arts in schools because Holub sees that being in the arts benefit you in so many ways.
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Whether, that is art class, band, orchestra, or choir. You might figure out some things about yourself that you didn’t know. If you are a parent, get your kids involved with the arts. There are many development stages while your child is growing up if your child is listening to music or drawing it will help in growing up. Many children miss stages of development all over the world. Mine, I missed the stages of hearing and beginning of talking. Being in the arts has allowed me to catch up for the missed
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