The Importance Of Being Professional In A Healthcare Setting

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In the following paper, I will be discussing many ways of being professional, while being in a healthcare setting. Being professional in any setting is highly encouraged, although at times it may be challenging. Occasionally, people may have encountered several situations were there have been misunderstandings or perhaps a clash of different characters, but although there may be disagreements, being polite and civilized is the upmost proper way to deal with such situation.
In a healthcare setting being professional is highly anticipated. It means to have good bedside manners with your patients. This will allow you to have a conversation with the patient in a professional way, and this will help open up a dialect within yourself and the patient to discuss the situation. Following patient confidentiality rules, honesty, and having trust is vital in the healthcare setting. Every patient is entitled to patient confidentiality; therefore, any medical history should be cautiously discussed. In the medical profession, having an understanding and showing compassion displays a sincere interest. This is a key component of communication, and it displays an empathy towards the patient. When speaking with a healthcare professional, having a respectful conversation are essential. Establishing a good relationship with your healthcare personnel creates a courteous relationship to build between yourself and superiors or staff. Having a professional demeanor while in the

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