The Importance Of Being Titus Andronicus And E

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To interpret a play one needs to have an understanding of its historical background. Therefore, to achieve such a task, one need to be in a position to come up with a brief summary of the play. Analyzing a play 's performance may help in evaluation and interpretation of all the features of a play that include staging and acting. With an idea of these features, there is a possibility to come up with a brief and precise manner to describe the play in details. The historical background brings in the idea of how the play setting is conducted and how characters have been organized in every scene. Additionally, a play history may act as a guidance because it directs one into understanding the themes in the play. The Importance of Being Titus Andronicus and Earnest plays, can be interpreted after understanding the background of the plays. For instance, in comparison of two plays, it is easier to attain this with a background idea on these two plays. In the play The Importance of Being…show more content…
In an often bewildering plot within the play, identities are often not easy to follow, Jack 's engagement to Gwendolen cannot be acknowledged by her (Oscar 2007). This because Gwendolen has found out that Jack had no parents and was found as a baby abandoned in a handbag in Victoria Station. Later in the plot, Jack and Algernon are identified to be individually consulting Dr. Chasuble because they want their names changed to "Ernest." It is surprising to realize that Algernon is also in love with Cecily. However, Cecily has also revealed her desire that she is in love with someone named Ernest. At the end of the play, The Importance of Being Earnest finally succeeds when Jack and Algernon realize that they are brothers. They find out that their mother was Mrs. Moncrieff, a sister to Lady Bracknell. Even though they finally see the truth about themselves, Jack 's real name remains to be Ernest. The play concludes with Cecily and Algernon, and Jack/Ernest and Gwendolen having a happy life
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