The Importance Of Benjamin Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning,” thus coming from a man who has learned the meaning of hard work, Benjamin Franklin has worked hard for his well known reputation. Benjamin shows a great deal of intellect through his many well known inventions. His inventions such as the lighting rod is his most famous one, and is still used today. He also shows leadership through how he uses his inventions and intellect. Like when he used is intellect when he helped plan strategies for the American Revolution. During the American Revolution, Franklin shows some of his leadership to the Patriot cause. A excerpt from Franklin’s contributions to the American revolution as a diplomat in France says, “...Franklin went to france in the early part of the revolution as the official diplomat and…show more content…
Even though, America wasn't franklin’s original country (Richard D. Miles), and had even gone as far as to leave his own son (Sheila L. Kemp “my son my enemy”) to help lead the patriots through the revolution. He became on of the most trusted allies to the patriots, Erik Niderost supports this when he writes, “...Franklin Quickly became the committees most prominent member. He had many connections in Europe, and his fame abroad might open doors, otherwise closed to America.” This shows leadership because Franklin uses his many connections to defeat the British. Another reason Benjamin Franklin was such a good leader was because the people felt that he represented them in a good way. “Benjamin Franklin was chosen to be one of pennsylvania's congressional representatives only a day after his return from england...”(Erik Niderost “revolutionary spymaster Benjamin Franklin”) This shows leadership because he was trusted by the people to lead them. Benjamin became a well respected leader, and well known for his
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