The Importance Of Bereavement In Elderlies

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Bereavement. Elderlies also shared that they have grieved over the death of their loved ones. This experience is one of the most stressful life situations of elderlies which may predispose them to mental health problems. Bereaved elderlies can be assisted to deal with their situation using the following:
Be present and listen with compassion to support in the grieving process. One of the most difficult experiences in life is the death of a loved one as it brings painful emotions such as anger, sadness and guilt and can make the bereaved feel isolated. However, the presence of someone who can listen with compassion can greatly help in getting through the grieving process especially if they are provided reassurance and shown empathy without assuming being knowledgeable of their feelings (Smith and Segal, 2017). In addition, they can also be asked about their thoughts and emotions to have awareness of their experience and to make them feel accepted. However, they should never be dictated on how they should or should not feel. Allowing them to experience the process can assist them to experience holistic healing. The American Cancer Society (2016) provided suggestions on the strategies which can say and do to serve as guideline in supporting elderlies who are experiencing bereavement:
Be there even without saying or doing something. The presence of someone can already be comforting among the bereaved.
Acknowledge the situation by saying, “I heard that your ______.”

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