The Importance Of Bias In The Media

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Due to the many news sources available, viewers are able to validate and challenge all views. Although viewers have the option to question if what is on tv or the media is true, many chose to only believe selected perspectives. People who are up to date with the news want to create biases, opinions and views. It is important for viewers to validate these biases. Viewers want to get desired views validated for the reason that other news sources, discussing different viewpoints, could possibly make viewers question what is said on the media and threaten selected biases. Choosing to only view one side of a story is easiest for viewers since validations from precise views are expected. It is common for people to dislike seeking all aspects of information in…show more content…
This would be called groupthink. According to Bernard Goldberg, a fox news Journalist in Dealing With Bias In The Media, mentioned that groupthink is a whole bunch of people who have the same mentality on specific topics or in other words, people who think alike. Liberal viewers will only watch liberal shows and conservative people will seek conservative news. He also goes on to say that discussions on what other viewers believe are not being made, but should be so that the viewer is able to acquire knowledge about the truth of a topic and not just receive cherry picked information. In addition, watchers know that desired views would be silicified, owing to the fact that, the news states and gives information about what it is that viewers want to hear. This is why observers chose to only view particular news sources. Many people stick to believing what is said on the media instead of finding out if it is true due to the fact that some truth could possibly come out that viewers prefer not to deal
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